Core Courses

The core curriculum is designed to ensure a broad understanding of international problems and issues. Students pursuing a master’s degree or graduate certificate in International Studies enroll in three credit hours of INTL 5013 and select three additional courses from among those listed below.

INTL 5013 Contemporary Issues. 3 credits
Study of contemporary international issues including news reports, speeches from foreign dignitaries, political leaders and/or experts in selected international fields. (Fall)
*INTL 5233 Global Competitive Environment. 3 credits
Development of a global business strategy for the organization. Issues of highly diversified markets and business environments, global competition, financial markets and complex organizational relationships. (Fall & Spring) *The online section of this course may only be taken by OSU- Tulsa and distance-learning students.
INTL 5043 Politics of the Global Economy. 3 credits
Theory and practice of international political economics. The patterns of association between political and market-based processes among nation-states. Emphasis on interactions among advanced industrial states, transnational phenomena, and opportunities and pitfalls in North-South relations. No credit for students with credit in POLS 4043.
INTL 5243 Globalization and Culture. 3 credits
Critical assessment of 20th Century social scientific theories of development culminating in current theories of globalization. Exploration of capitalism’s antecedents, origin, and proliferation. Evaluation of global inequality from a cross-cultural perspective. Utility of anthropological theories of culture, ideology and hegemony in assessing local responses to globalization. (Spring)
AGEC 5343 International Agricultural Markets and Trade. 3 credits
Contemporary international agricultural trade theory and applications. Broaden students’ understanding of contemporary cultural and economic issues outside the U.S. that affect global demand. Gains from trade and the theory of comparative advantage.
ECON 5603 Global Economics. 3 credits
An introduction to international economics that emphasizes the challenges that the process of globalization poses to national economies. The course will present the main theories of international trade, foreign exchange markets, and international finance issues. (Fall)
GEOG 5233 Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change. 3 credits
Discusses the current global environmental science research agendas called for by the international community, explores the arguments set forth regarding global environmental change, and looks at the current explanations and theories explaining the human dimensions of land-use/cover-change (lucc). Special emphasis is on alternative, competing visions, and needs of developing countries within the context of economic development and global environment change. Meets with 4233. No credit for students with credit in 4233.
MGMT 5163 Fundraising for Non-Profits. 3 credits
Students will be introduced to the theory and practice of raising external funding for social causes. Course may include exposure to external speakers and non-profit executives.
AGED 5203 Grant Seeking. 3 credits
Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing or consent of instructor. External funding proposal development for foundation and governmental agencies. Conceptualizing projects, identifying funding sources, and develop proposals that follow RFP guidelines including a literature review, need for the project, approach, timeline and budget.
RMTR 4943 Grant Writing and Non-Profit Management. 3 credits
Methods and techniques used in grant writing as well as the establishment of a nonprofit agency.
FLL 5210 Graduate Studies in Foreign Languages. 1-6 credits, max 20. Prerequisite(s): 15 upper-division hours in the language.
Graduate studies in foreign languages.
INTL 5020 Global Business Professional. 3 credits
Develop abilities and give essential tools and sources for students on how to analyze the external and internal business environment in order to be efficient and effective in taking any business to an international level.