Graduate Certificate

As an alternative to the M.S. in International Studies, the Graduate Certificate program allows one to complement his or her primary area of graduate study with an international dimension. The interdisciplinary curriculum for the Graduate Certificate provides students with a better understanding of theory and history as well as world politics and culture. The certificate program better prepares graduates to apply their current graduate studies and related real-world experiences to careers in an ever-changing global environment. They will be more aware of the impact of cultural issues and gain a holistic understanding of related fields through the interdisciplinary curriculum.

Course Requirements:

Candidates for the Graduate Certificate in International Studies are required to complete 15 credit hours of SIS graduate degree course work. However, up to six hours of certificate credit hours may, at the departmental adviser’s discretion, be counted toward another graduate degree at OSU. Candidates’ requirements for the certificate program are as follows:.

Course Credits
Required core courses (3 courses):
Selection from among those listed here
Two electives courses from the approved course list for the various focus areas 6
Total credits for certificate 15