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Since their inauguration in 1999 the graduate programs of the School of International Studies have grown to include approximately 90 students on an ongoing basis. The programs routinely include students from more than a dozen states and twenty foreign countries. The reputation of the school is such that this growth has been achieved with virtually no student recruitment effort. But there is still much to be done.

The interdisciplinary nature of the School of International Studies provides a unique opportunity for students to broaden their global perspectives while simultaneously tailoring their studies to their individual interests. Graduates of the program have gone on to positions in governments, international organizations, and the private sector. Many have also chosen to pursue doctoral degrees both at OSU and elsewhere.

The status of the programs so far and their prospects for future success depend very heavily on the generosity of supporters. Student scholarships rely entirely on donations. Moreover, the operating budget for the programs is extremely limited, forcing us to forego a great many attractive resources and other program enhancements. In the current economic climate the support of donors is especially needed to provide opportunities for our students.

Our first priority is to expand financial assistance to deserving students through scholarships. This may take to form of either establishing new scholarships or adding to existing ones.

Our second priority is to increase the Excellence Fund and improve our resource base for activities that otherwise increase opportunities and support for student achievement.

School of International Studies Excellence Fund

The International Studies Excellence Fund is a non-endowed fund designed to support a wide range of activities crucial for the ongoing success of the graduate programs.

The fund allows the program director to support students and develop opportunities in a wide range of other program expenses. Examples include student travel to conferences and workshops, hosting visiting scholars and dignitaries, and awards for outstanding faculty participation in our programs.

The fund also serves as a general scholarship fund. It may be used to reward meritorious performance in scholarship and research and to support attractive but unpaid internship opportunities.

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Your tax-deductable gift to the School of International Studies helps insure that we can offer a first-rate education to our students. Future success for individuals, organizations, and nations increasingly depends on the ability to function effectively in a global environment. Your gift makes an important contribution to our efforts to equip students to meet this future challenge.

Joel Jenswold, Ph.D.

Director of Graduate Programs, School of International Studies, Oklahoma State University
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