Welcome to the OSU School of International Studies

School of International Studies Banner The School of International Studies is Oklahoma State University's academic framework for integrating the resources of all eight OSU academic units and colleges to expand international opportunities in instruction, research and outreach for individuals and organizations seeking a greater understanding and involvement in world trade and international affairs. The School is housed in the state-of-the-art Wes Watkins Center, which serves as a focal point for international activities at OSU. Operating as part of International Education and Outreach, the School helps carry out the University's outreach missions of providing educational programs and services beyond traditional campus boundaries.

The School of International Studies offers a Graduate Program, the English Language Institute; Study Abroad/National Student Exchange Office; Peace Corps Recruitment Office; Fulbright Resource Center; OSU Chapter of the Phi Beta Delta International Honor Society; OSU-Mexico Liaison Office; and International Outreach Unit.